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Top 22 Contestants will be unveiled before a week of the show. We have added sample list so you understand what it would look like. Note BSN is for both gender male and female.

Udoka Cynthia Tom

Updated Mar 09 2020 10:03 pm
Model Registration Number: 140
To work with this model, please contact us on +2347036395138
     Fashion model, commercial model glamour model. available for travelling, trips and luxurious life.   Big star nation modeling agency is outstanding modelling agency in Nigeria with branches in some countries in the world, the agency pay their models according to the workforce of their models and big star nation modeling agency is the must paid agency in the country. Discover amazing models for your projects, under big star nation modeling agency.  AVAILABLE WORK UNDER BIG STAR NATION MODELING AGENCY.  List of work available for models under big star nation modeling agency and services render to the clients.  1. Available for trips travelling and companionship with price tag.   a. 30k within a state in Nigeria   b. 50k outside one state to another state within Nigeria.   c. 150k outside the countries.   2. Fashion   3. Representing brands (abassador)  4. Ushering work. price tag.  a. 25k above each model  5. professional makeup artist.price tag.   a. 50k  6. For musical video. price tag.   a. 50k per model.  CLICK BELOW THE LINK TO VIEW OTHER GENRE OF MODEL UNDER BIG STAR NATION MODELING AGENCY. About Big Star Nation Modelling Agency.     
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