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Top 22 Contestants will be unveiled before a week of the show. We have added sample list so you understand what it would look like. Note BSN is for both gender male and female.

big sister naija organisational visual mandate

Updated Apr 06 2020 03:04 pm
The Big Sister Naija Reality TV show is a program that is the voyage of of promoting empowerment in Nigeria such as, Entrepreneurship program, Talent hunt, Educational Development and and also tends towards promoting culture and tourism centers in our beloved country Nigeria. In our bid to promote the aforementioned ( Supra ) , in Nigeria, we also tend towards promoting pageantry project show in the days of launching BIG SISTER NAIJA in different state in Nigeria. ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Big Sister Naija is interested in receiving business ideas from young individuals in Nigeria, to help in promoting their business ideas through the companies that are in partnership with BIG SISTER NAIJA reality TV show. TALENT HUNT : Nigeria as it is, has lots of talented young people (Youth(s). Therefore BIG SISTER NAIJA will create an avenue for these young talented individuals to bring out the best out of them, and those with outstanding talentstalents will be selected and be promoted by BIG SISTER NAIJA and her partners. EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Big Sister Naija is interested in science and technology innovation(s), therefore will be ready and glad to receive young inventors within Nigeria and their inventions will be promoted as far as it is outstanding and will be shown or displayed during the programme airs which will actract inventors to Nigeria. PROMOTION OF CULTURE: Big Sister Naija will also invite young male and female who are interested in going into modeling job, and those that has the quality and passion for modeling. Moreover, those selected will be assigned to work with outstanding modelling agency in the country for instance, Big star nation modeling agency and many others.


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