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Top 20 Contestants will be updated before a week of the show. We have added sample list so you understand what it would look like. Note BSN is for both gender male and female.

The reason of fee for the registration of big sister naija

Updated Aug 12 2019 02:08 pm
BIG SISTER NAIJA reality TV show is a program that is on the voyage of promoting empowerment in Nigeria such as entrepreneurship program, Talent hunt, Educational Development and also tends towards promoting culture and tourism centers in our beloved country. The reason of paying 2000 for BIG SISTER NAIJA registration, is because we intend to carry people who create unique future new innovation or invent new things outside BIG SISTER NAIJA house along and also sponsored them, through the companies that are in partnership with BIG SISTER NAIJA reality TV show. And it is exclusively for those who registered for BIG SISTER NAIJA.


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