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42-year-old man rapes minor, blames it all on his wife for starving him of sex

Updated Jun 11 2019 05:06 pm

Facebook sensation and human rights activist, Gwamnishu Harrison, has shared yet another tale of a teenager raped by an older man in her neighborhood.

Names of both the victim and her assaulter as of the time of this report are still private.

The 16-year-old was allegedly sent on an errand by her aunt at about 8:15 pm. On her way back from the errand, she discovered she was being followed by an unknown man.

The teenager got scared and started running. The man ran after her, got hold of her and dragged her to the back of a container where he then proceeded to tear her underwear and rape her.

The victim’s continuous shout for help attracted a person, who then reached out and called other witnesses informing them that someone was shouting for help.

The perpetrator held the young lady down, covered her mouth and then threatened to kill her if she kept shouting.

The alarm raised brought people to the scene of the incident and the victim was rescued but unfortunately, the rapist escaped.

The first person to have heard the young girl’s cry on getting home saw his neighbor looking dirty and wearing the same cloth the rapist wore.

The victim was brought in and she identified the man as the person who forcefully tore her underwear to rape her.

The case was reported to Trans Ekulu Police Station, Enugu where the suspect is currently detained.

The alleged rapist didn’t deny the allegations but blamed his action on his wife who he claimed starved him of sex.

His wife showed up and displayed stitches, evident of a recent surgery.

The victim sustained head injuries while struggling with the rapist as he kept hitting her head on the container wall.


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