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Top 22 Contestants will be unveiled before a week of the show. We have added sample list so you understand what it would look like. Note BSN is for both gender male and female.

All About The Reality TV Show

Updated May 24 2023 08:05 pm


The big sister naija reality TV show procedure first you register as a contestant, receive identification number, use your identification number as your identity where people can vote for you through our dedicated short code.

Secondly, during the selection period we choose ten people the most voted for to appear in the house and ten other people will be selected through audition or people who create, invent unique future or new things which needs to be shown in the house as the show airs.

All participants most be registered as required.Eviction will continue after a week of the show, each week of the show one or two persons will leave the house. The list of people to battle it out till the end of the show is six people out of twenty people that appeared in the house, at Lagos state Nigeria.

The show last two months airs on DSTV, GO TV and STARTIME in Nigeria.

Thirdly for those who were opportune to enter the house of big sister naija reality TV show should prepare a proposal on what the person will present or display on air to the general public.

The incentive for the winner is 20,000 000,car, contract and lots of other prices to be won on BIG SISTER NAIJA.


Big Sister Naija (BSN) is for the patriotic and creative individuals in Nigeria, our beloved country. It aims at sponsoring unique and talented individuals both in art and technology. The amount mentioned as incentive for the winner is to draw the attention of young and talented individuals who are about to dash their dreams irrespective of their talents.

Big Sister Naija intends to exhibit the potentials of the interested individuals through Reality TV Big Sister Naija, Africa. This way, their dreams come to reality, making known their capabilities to the entire world. The Big Sister Naija also has the intention of sending those who appear in the top twenty list, who create a unique impression on the public, to any part of the world that suits the winner’s career, in a bid to learn more in that field; and return to Nigeria in a bid to expand his or her initiative with the help of our government.

This will, in a greater way, enhance nation building, economic growth and economic magnet because Big Sister Naija will attract people from different parts of the world.

The financial incentive for the winners and other benefits will be worth more than 100,000,000 Naira throughout the period of the reality TV show. Sincerely, Big Sister Naija Africa needs your candid support to move our nation forward.


During the top 20 show, you will be opportune to display your talent to the general world. This talent could be modelling, music, acting, dancing, singing, comedy, talk show, entrepreneurship, technology, etc. As long as it is creative, BSN gives you the opportunity to display it to the world.


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