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Anambra to teachers: you can’t force us to re-open schools

Updated Jun 04 2020 12:06 am

Anambra State government has warned teachers to stop forcing it to open schools to endanger the lives of the students to Coronavirus.

The government declared that the decision not to open schools came from the Federal Government.

Commissioner for Basic Education Prof. Kate Omenugha declared that schools in Anambra would not reopen until the Federal Government gave such directives.

Omenugha, who spoke with reporters in her office at the Jerome Udoji Secretariat, Awka, said: “Government knows what it is doing. So, we are not going to reopen the schools and risk lives of our children to COVID-19 pandemic because some teachers are calling on us to resume.”

She, however, lauded the government for supporting teaching on air programme, adding that since its commencement, it had been a success.

“I thank the governor, who has supported us since April 1, when we commenced the `teaching on-air-programme’.

“When schools were shut down on March 24 because of Coronavirus pandemic, we decided to engage school children in something meaningful instead of leaving them to idle away.

“Second week into the programme, we opened the lines for students to call in, so that we can get feedbacks because it’s being streamed live on Facebook and also on YouTube,” Omenugha said.


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